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Sony just pulled back the curtain on its December PlayStation Plus lineup, and the next 30 days promise to be a month dedicated to shooting skags and going really, really fast. There's nothing currently listed for the PlayStation 4 at this time in the Instant Game Collection but, given the December lineup of five free titles, I don't know how anyone could complain about that.

First of all, the PS4 has only been out a couple of weeks, so there aren't exactly a lot of games that could be a part of the IGC for that console to begin with. Secondly, the PS3 and Vita are getting a pretty fantastic collection of games this month to make up for that fact. Still, scroll down to the comments section of this particular PS Plus announcement and you'll already find people complaining that either they already have some of the games or “Ermergerd! N0 Pee Ess 4 Gamez?” I always get a kick out of that first complaint, because the amount of entitlement and general obliviousness it takes to make it never ceases to astound me. As for the second one...Seriously!? Have you looked at what they're giving away at no extra cost to your annual subscription and still you're complaining?

What's that? Oh, I haven't actually told you what this month's games are yet? Well buckle up, boys and girls, because this one is pretty dang impressive.

Hey, so, you know how Borderlands 2 came out earlier this year and blew everyone away with its amazingly fun cooperative FPS gameplay and is still dishing out hilarious and fun DLC? Yeah, well, that game is part of the December IGC so, you know, if you don't have it yet, that's a pretty gosh-darned big deal. Get ready to head to Pandora and join a whole new group of Vault Hunters as they take on Handsome Jack and his evil minions in a massive shooting experience that has to be played to be believed.

The PS3 is also getting Dyad this week, a sort of puzzle racing game that generally makes the player feel like they are tripping on acid. It's a pretty crazy experience and now Plus subscribers can have it for free.

Also coming to the PS3 next month and also only just releasing this year is Grid 2, the turbo-charged racing game that lets you tear up the streets in a wide variety of four-wheeled monsters.

In case you're still not sated, a pair of fast-moving games are also arriving on the PS Vita next month. You can grab the fun and trick-filled Urban Trial Freestyle, as well as the latest racer to feature a blue hedgehog and all of his best buds, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Look for all of that, along with the usual dose of extra discounts and goodies to come to PlayStation Plus throughout December.

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