PS3's PlayStation Home Gets Kotaku Blacklisted

You may have read the rumor about the PlayStation Home coming to the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3. Boy, that’s a lot of PlayStation. Well, this rumor has spilled onto the net in a big way and is the very thing that got Kotaku banned from Sony's inner circle.

It’s no surprise that the PS3 has been encircled shamefully with the success of the Wii. However, Sony’s response to the Wii’s successful Mii, and Xbox Live’s community service, would come in the form of the PlayStation Home. Only, no one was supposed to know this. But you all know anyway.

The PlayStation Home offers gamers the option of creating an Avatar and having a sort of trophy room for decoration. Achievements in games would be showcased in the “Home” and the Avatar would be the equivalent of the Mii. Not only that, every game set for release for the PS3 would then feature the accommodation of the Avatar. All in all, it would be a "Home" for the gamer's Avator and awards. Kind of cool, eh? Well, that tidbit of information has resulted in Kotaku getting banned from Sony's PR circuit. That basically means that the rumor isn’t a rumor, but rather a truth.

Kotaku received a letter from Sony’s PR stating that they had been blacklisted. Basically it was for running a story that Kotaku writer’s notified Sony of as an article that would be posted as a rumor. Nevertheless, Kotaku was warned that they would be blacklisted for running a story based on the rumor. But if it was just a rumor, why blacklist a news blog for it, and then have to work out your differences because of the blacklisting? Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to prove a rumor true.

Overall, Kotaku and Sony have worked out their differences. But Sony has succeeded only in acknowledging that their strong efforts to deny the rumor has proven that very rumor to hold some weight of truth.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.