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Pssst. I have some news for you, but we have to keep it super-duper secret for the time being, okay? It looks like Sony has a big announcement coming on February 20 and, just between you and me, it turns out they're-Oh, man, it's the gaming police. Run! This meeting never happened! Just run!

Sony sure is being secretive these days. Earlier this week they teased a God of War: Ascension commercial with a brief look at the trailer. Before that, however, they teased the brief look at the trailer with an even briefer look at the teaser. Also, we know that today is “Game Day 2013,” but we still aren't entirely sure what all will be announced. Sony has already given us some new looks at the aforementioned God of War this week, as well as Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway for the PlayStation Vita.

However, the publisher yesterday launched the following enigmatic trailer, inviting everyone to “See the Future” on Feb. 20. Don't get too excited about the video, though, as it primarily focuses on a rotating set of the iconic PlayStation button logos and music that sounds suspiciously like a dubstep track building steadily towards a drop that never actually hits.

Of course, at this point, we're likely all thinking the same thing: An HD version of Intelligent Cube, one of the most addictive puzzles to ever grace the original PlayStation. (But seriously, why isn't that on the PS store yet?)

Okay, so, all signs point to a PlayStation 4 announcement, but that doesn't mean we should get our hopes up just yet. Nothing has been confirmed, not even a little bit.

However, the timing feels right. Announcing the PS4 now would mean the media will be in a feeding frenzy over the thing between now and E3. There's a pretty good chance that Microsoft is planning on revealing the next Xbox at the June trade show, and already having the PS4 parading around the internet could take a lot of wind out of said console's sails. Also, by hosting their own event to reveal the PS4, Sony could skip over the pomp and circumstance of such an announcement at E3 and just get straight to talking about the games. Why waste 30 minutes of your big show talking specs when you could be showing off titles people could actually play on it?

I guess we'll all find out on Feb. 20. Until then, feel free to speculate!
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