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The launch of the PlayStation 4 is just a month away, and Sony wants to make sure you have your “perfect day” planned for Nov. 15. To that end, they've put together a brand new trailer to celebrate the T-minus 30 days status of the new console, as well as announced a few new launch window titles that you might have missed out on in this current generation.

The next console generation is just around the corner, so close we can practically taste it. The era of the PS3 has been full of ups and downs, major advancements and the occasional setback, but now it's time for Sony's third home console to step aside and make room for the next gaming rig, the PlayStation 4.

Set to launch on Nov. 15, Sony has put together a new “Perfect Day” commercial to air on TV and online to give gamers an idea of what the PS4 experience is all about. In short, they want you to know that it will be offering a wide range of content, no matter what type of gamer you may be. The new trailer does a pretty good job of that, mixing action, a soaring duet and just the right amount of bizarre to make it a winner.

It's a pretty neat concept, right? A couple of friends spend the day beating the crap out of each other in a fantasy realm, on the road and across a war-torn alien planet and, through it all, their friendship is strengthened. Can we get a collective “aaaaaaaw?”

“With four weeks left until launch, we are revealing the second TV spot in our Greatness Awaits Campaign: Perfect Day,” said Senior VP of PlayStation Brand Marketing, Guy Longworth in the trailer's official reveal. “Perfect Day symbolizes the approaching launch day of the long-awaited PS4 system...which premiered [Monday] night during Monday Night Football.”

While Perfect Day does a nice job of showing off some of the more AAA types of experiences you'll be taking part in once the next generation gets rolling, Sony Santa Monica has swooped in to let everyone know that four smaller, tried and true titles will also be joining the launch lineup.

First up, both the meditative, motion-controlled Flower and rhythm platforming game Sound Shapes will be available on the PS4 come Nov. 15. Flow will hit the virtual store a couple of weeks later on Nov. 29, accompanied by Escape Plan.

And the best news of it all? They're all going to be cross-buy titles. If you've already purchased any of these games for the PlayStation 3 or Vita, you'll be able to download them to the PlayStation 4 as soon as they become available. On the flip side, if you wait until the PS4 comes out to purchase them, you can enjoy them on your older consoles, too.

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