The latest PlayStation game announced for a summer launch gives players the chance to don a spiffy suit, utilize clever gadgets and overpower enemies using stealth and an itchy trigger finger in CounterSpy.

We've actually had a few sneak peeks at CounterSpy over the past year but, until now, we haven't really known much about the game other than the fact that it looks like a 2D action-packed love letter to James Bond films. In the game, players take on the role of the titular spy, an agent who will stop at nothing to keep the evil forces of this world at bay. To do that, you'll need to rely on stealth, hand to hand combat and some fast shooting.

It's been quiet on the CounterSpy front for a few months now but, today, Lead Designer at Dynamighty studios, David Nottingham, let loose the fact that the downloadable game is expected for a summer release on PlayStation consoles. Originally announced for the PlayStation 3 and Vita, Nottingham said that the studio has been “deep undercover” getting the game ready for every platform with the word “PlayStation” attached to it.

“All our diabolical plans are finally falling into place, and we have some exciting news to share,” Nottingham said. “When we partnered with PlayStation, PS4 was but a fantastical dream of uber console heaven somewhere off in the future. We originally announced that CounterSpy was coming to PS3 and PS Vita.”

Over the past several months, however, the studio has been able to work on a PS4 build, too, and will now be bringing the game the Sony's new home console to boot.

“I think the extra power of the system is going to open up some really nice possibilities for us,” Nottingham added. “At the same time, we remain committed to PS3 and PS Vita; the game is looking great on both those platforms.”

As you'll see in the new trailer embedded above, CounterSpy will also offer some cross-play functionality, allowing gamers to sync their experience between their home consoles, Vita and even tablets.

“Certain intelligence that you gather gets shared across the devices, so for example you can unlock weapons on your console that are then available on your mobile device,” Nottingham explained.

For those who would like a refresher course on what CounterSpy's gameplay actually looks like, here's a gander at last year's E3 trailer. Otherwise, look to grab it on all Sony consoles sometime this summer.


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