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Gaming on the PlayStation 4 solo and still wondering if Plus is worth the price of admission? Well, Sony wants to give you a chance to see what all of the multiplayer hubbub is about by giving away a weekend’s worth of free online time for everyone.

Not everyone games online, as hard as that may be to believe in this modern age of technological wizardry. While some folks simply don’t have a reliable connection in their area, others shy away from online gaming because, well, they’re perfectly happy with their single player experiences.

But like a drug dealer offering up a free taste in the hopes that you’ll become a full-blown addict, Sony will this weekend dish out unlimited online multiplayer gaming free of charge, giving everyone a chance to take, say, the newly launched Battlefield Hardline online without a Plus subscription.

Word went out this morning via the PlayStation Blog, with PS Plus Lead Brand Manager Anson Fong laying out the details. In short, whether you’re playing shooters like Call of Duty or Destiny, sports games like Madden or FIFA, or free-top-play titles like War Thunder or Blacklight, all of their online components will be unlocked over the course of about three days.

The event will begin this Friday, March 20, at 12:01 a.m. PT and run through Sunday, March 22, at 11:59 p.m. PT. Honestly, this is pretty brilliant marketing on the part of Sony, as lots of schools and universities will be heading into or wrapping up their spring break this weekend, making it the perfect time to binge on lots and lots of online games.

“Again, no membership commitment is required to try out online multiplayer during this period,” Fong reiterated.

The process is super simple, too. Just log into the PlayStation Network and, boom, you’re ready to play online. You don’t have to give them your credit card information or anything, just be signed in and you’re ready to play online.

According to Fong, this latest free online weekend is the result of how popular the last event went and, while online gaming may seem standard to many of us, there are actually a lot of players who don’t bother with the more social or competitive game modes. Hosting events like these is a good way to earn new customers so, until the whole world moves online, expect to see them popping up from time to time.

This news now has me wondering: Do any of our readers still play offline or have a PS4 without a subscription to Plus? What’s kept you away for this long? Are you planning on giving the free online weekend a try? Let us know in the comments section below.

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