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Recently an independent programmer and modder decided to work on a PS4-to-PC software streaming solution that works via Wi-Fi. The solution was wildly popular and people started asking Sony about an official solution to remote play PS4 games via PC. Well, Sony has confirmed that they're working on a remote play solution between PS4 and PC.

Over on NeoGaf they spotted a tweet from Sony's worldwide studio president, Shuhei Yoshida, he announced that yes they are working on an official application so that PC gamers can remote play their console through their PC. You can check out the tweet below.

I have to be completely honest: I don't get it. It's as pointless as the Xbox One to Windows 10 remote streaming capability. I understand some people wanting to play console games on PC, but it's redundant if you already own a PS4.

Of course, there are those who offer a flip-side to the argument, stating that with the option to remote play games via PC they can do so without being bereft of playing their PS4 when a family member or roommate occupies the TV. I suppose that's a fair argument to make, because if you do have some free time and you do want to play your PS4 but your parents or sibling or significant other is hogging the TV that the PS4 is hooked up to, it's kind of convenient to be able to sit down at your PC and remote play your games from the comfort of your desktop.

In a way it's the inverse of what the Steam Machines are designed to do, which is to bring the PC gaming ecosystem to the console's domain in the living room. Nevertheless, when the news first broke about the makeshift app that allows PC gamers to remote play PS4 games on their computers, part of the core gaming community went wild asking for a way to get their hands on it.

Sony obviously saw the demand and figured that it would make more sense to just cash in on the opportunity as opposed to letting some indie modder get all the glory.

Shuhei Yoshida doesn't give a time-frame on when the app will arrive for PC gamers, but he does mention during a discussion with Sony's Mark Cerny at CHM Revolutionaries that part of the reason these announcements come through his Twitter is because he “unofficially” helps promote Sony PlayStation products and games. He's also very tuned in to what happens on the ground floor with PlayStation gamers – and they keep him up-to-date on what's happening with the competition and how Sony sometimes need to step it up.

Well, with the new remote PS4 app for PC it could be a nice little bit of competition with Microsoft and their Xbox One app for Windows 10.