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Rockstar Games announced that GTA V has some free content for GTA Online starting today for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The content is Valentine's Day related and it's called “Be My Valentine”. It's themed around couples, gangsters, and sharp dressed criminals.

Game Informer picked up the news and the teaser trailer from over on the official Rockstar website.

They announced that home console and PC owners will be able to deck their characters out in brand new clothes themed around the 1930s gangster era. There's also the return of the Albany Roosevelt and the introduction of the new Albany Roosevelt Valor, so you can drive around in style just like Bonnie and Clyde.

And speaking of Bonnie and Clyde, there's a special new couples-based adversary mode called “'Till Death Do Us Part Adversary Mode”. The point of the mode is that players team up as couples to take on other couples in deathmatch based gameplay.

To look the part, Rockstar has added some fresh new duds in GTA Online that features bustiers, new suits, ties, shirts, stockings and even boxer shorts. Another highlight in the update is that the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun makes a return to the fray, which is basically a Tommy Gun in all but name.

The Valentine's Day update is actually free for PS4, Xbox One and PC users. This was met with a lot of excitement by GTA Online regulars who quipped that if this had been a game from Electronic Arts the update would be DLC that would cost $20. It's not uncommon that for a lot of updates for popular multiplayer games that nearly every single little update can cost an arm and a leg. If you take a look at all the DLC available for games like Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and any of the Call of Duty games, the DLC is pretty ridiculous. Games like Dungeon Defenders and Borderlands 2 also really took advantage of the whole “micro” in “microtransaction”, nearly to absurd degrees.

Anyway, the only way Rockstar has been making money on GTA Online is through the Shark Cards, which are virtual currency cards for in-game money. Players can spend real money to get their hands on the Shark Cards to get so much virtual money so they can afford to buy things like yachts, penthouses and super cars.

The Valentine's Day update is available right now for console and PC users playing GTA Online. The new couples-based adversary mode will be available this Friday on February 12th. You can learn more about the event-based update and some of the new attire, weapons and vehicles that are featured in the update by visiting the official Rockstar Games website.