PlayInjector's Pay What You Want Bundle Store Opens For PC Games

Not happy with DotEmu? Not getting what you're looking for from Want a better alternative to Steam? Need more choice than the Humble Indie store? Well, there's PlayInjector, a new digital storefront that allows you to pick and choose your indie bundles and pay for them what you want.

The store offers multiple key tie-ins, so even if you are fond of your favorite digital service you can actually get a key for it. Take for instance you want a cache of new indie games, simply add them to your bundle, pay what you want and use the keys on Steam...if you like. Alternatively you can purchase digital licenses to use with Desura, which enables DRM-free downloads for your favorite indie titles. It's pretty convenient and made to be cost effective.

As mentioned in the pitch...

We want to offer the unique advantage of providing a single space with many different services, all tailored on the needs of every kind of stakeholder in the gaming community and industry. This is why we strive on greatly expanding Playinjector’s services in the future, starting later this year, with an highly innovative Shop solution that will have a lot to offer and will be embraced by developers and gamers alike.

PlayInjector is starting with the pay-what-you-want model called Bundle Store. This will be a rival answer to the standard Humble Indie Bundle that currently dominates the indie market. Also, PlayInjector will be opening up additional services throughout the year. Right now the offerings are slim, but they have a few classic indie titles available, such as Alien Shooter, Jack Keane and Into the Dark to name a few. As the store grows and they add more content, it could be an interesting digital distribution alternative based on how well the service plays out.

The first indie bundle deal from PlayInjector will be available starting May 24th this Friday and will run up until June 14th. The company has partnered with Quantic Lab, Sigma Team, Homegrown Games, Deck13 Interactive and Strategy First, and will be making additional partnerships as the service grows.

You can learn more about the PlayInjector Bundle Store by visting the PlayInjector Bundle Store.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.