Next-gen enthusiasts received a bit of a blow recently when a Sony country manager was asked about the progress of the PlayStation 4, he simply replied that all the news regarding Sony’s next console is just speculation.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Sony’s executive country manager for India, Atindriya Bose, commented about the PlayStation 4, saying…
Too speculative. I think, with me being as a business head of a country, I will definitely not have an exposure to the development at such an early phase. Having said that I have a feeling that if you take a look at that the PlayStation 3 experience, the first four years have gone in to strengthening the positioning the PS3 among the core gamers, who still remain the heart of PlayStation. So PS3 is vouched for by the core gamers and we have created a very strong relation with them.

And just to clarify, Bose is stating that from his position the PS4 is just speculation. Let’s also note that he’s clearly saying from his position he wouldn’t be privy to the development side of the PS4, so he’s not worrying about it.

Even if anything is happening with the PlayStation 4 it’s not like there’s going to be an obvious press statement from someone within Sony at this point. Still, it’s good to know the gaming press out there keeps on prying…one day, one day Sony will slip and some concrete news will spill.

In the meantime, you’ll just have to settle with all the rumors, interviews and speculative pieces concerning the PS4. You can check out the entire interview over at GamingBolt, which covers an interesting concept of the PlayStation 3's lifespan.

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