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If there are three things PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is missing out on, it's clearly space cowboys and a character/level that defies the laws of physics. Thankfully, the team over at SuperBot Entertainment have us covered, recently revealing the first new screens to show off upcoming DLC playable characters Emmett Graves of Starhawk, Kat of Gravity Rush and a new stage that mixes Heavenly Sword with Wipeout.

Battle Royale Director Omar Kendall dropped by the PlayStation Blog to talk about all three new pieces of content, as well as show off the very first screenshots of the new characters and level in action. Kat and Emmett were first announced a couple of weeks ago, but this is the first anyone has heard about the new level, called “Fearless,” which features the high-flying hovercraft of the Wipeout racing series careening through some beautiful Chinese landscapes.

SuperBot actually hosted an event at Sony's Santa Monica Studios last night, inviting members of the gaming press to come out and test drive the new characters for themselves. We can probably expect those hands-on impressions to start popping up all over the internet in the coming week.

Kat is one of those characters that feels perfectly suited to Sony's four-player brawler, featuring a wide variety of combat moves that include up close and personal kicks, as well as some gravity-bending mid-to-long range attacks. Emmett, on the other hand, plays pretty light in the melee department. His firearms and an ability to call down assistance from the sky, however, should make him a nice strategic addition to the mix.

As for the level, the above screenshot should pretty much speak for itself. You've got a beautiful setting and some seriously loco flying craft shooting past, most likely creating an environmental threat for the players.

Look for both new characters and the new Fearless map to hit PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale early next year.