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If you’ve been desperately waiting for PlayStation Vue to come to your area so you can quit cable television forever, well you are in luck. PlayStation Vue has finally announced that the service will be available on PS4’s nationwide.

And if you’ve had to wait for forever to get your hands on the service, well PlayStation recognizes that and is rewarding the newly added markets with a new low price they call a “slim” price plan, starting at $29.99/month. Everywhere else, the plans start at $39.99/month.

On the PlayStation blog, they give a rundown of each of the plans with the special pricing and what you can expect.

Access Slim: 55+ channels, including live cable TV, movies, and sports channels for $29.99 per month.
Core Slim: 70+ channels, including all the channels from Access Slim with the addition of national and regional sports networks for $34.99 per month.
Elite Slim: 100+ channels, featuring all the channels from Core Slim with the addition of more top movie and entertainment channels for $44.99 per month.

Even at the most basic plan, you are still getting channels like SyFy, MTV, Cartoon Network and the Travel Channel. It’s quite a great deal considering even the second most expensive plan on that list is still cheaper than the basic plan for those who had previous access to PlayStation Vue. Back when I did the free trial, the cheapest plan was around $45 or so, and it dropped recently down to $39.99. But now, newcomers to the market get the even better deal of $29.99.

When I did the free trial for PlayStation Vue, I really enjoyed it. It was almost exactly like having cable television without all of the fees and contracts. There is a guide you can use just like with a cable box where you can go through each channel and see what’s playing. You can also record shows, but I didn’t get far enough to test that out. There are a few things that make me nervous, though. First, during the trial I noticed that it was almost impossible for my boyfriend and I to be cruising our smartphones at the same time of watching PlayStation Vue, because then it would freeze up or get a poor picture. It was pretty annoying. And we have 100mb/s internet speed, so the speed wasn’t the problem. And secondly, I am a little worried about having my TV service tied to PlayStation. So if there’s ever a problem with the PlayStation network, does that mean PlayStation Vue goes down with it?

While there are some reservations about PlayStation Vue, it’s definitely a fantastic and cheaper alternative to getting tied into a cable television contract. While I am one of the many who has decided to quit cable TV contracts in 2016, it’s nice to have options like PlayStation Vue and SlingTV to get you by. For more information on PlayStation Vue, you can visit the official website.

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