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This weekend Game Freak announced not one, but two, new games in their long-running Pokemon series. Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 will debut in Japan this June.

Many believed that the next Pokemon would be Pokemon Gray, a remake incorporating content from both Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. It would've fit series tradition better. For example, Game Freak released Pokemon Crystal a year after Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Yellow two years after Red and Blue.

Black 2 and White 2 will both be released on the DS, which is another surprise. You'd expect that Nintendo would want these games to be designed for the newer 3DS. However, the user base for the DS is much larger than the 3DS' so releasing White/Black 2 for the DS is probably smarter for sales. The 3DS can play DS games anyway, so it's not like that group of gamers will miss out anyway.

A teaser website for both games is now live. It reaffirms what we already know: it's going to be released in June. However, it also provides a glimpse at the two new legendary Pokemon (full-sized picture below). Their names will be announced soon.

The announcement of White/Black 2 was made on Japanese television (via Andriasang). As such, Game Freak didn't mention any North American release details. The Western launch of Pokemon games generally occurs six months or so after the Japanese debut, though so expect to get your hands on the game in the fall or later.

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