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Two limited edition DSi bundles will launch alongside Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version on March 6th. Bet you can guess the color of the DSi's in these bundles.

Pokemon White Version will be bundled with a white DSi while Pokemon Black will be included with a black system. Both the black and white handhelds will have the new Legendary Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom etched on their casing. Each bundle also includes a custom carrying case.

Nintendo chose the DSi model for the bundle presumably to get full use of the Xtransceiver feature. The Xtransceiver lets players video chat with each other after they've exchanged Friend Codes. Up to four players can chat via local wireless while two players can chat through online broadband. This feature is limited to voice chat on the DS Lite and original DS.

The Pokemon Black/White DSi bundles are priced at $179.99. They'll be available through retailers while supplies last.

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