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Nintendo rolled out another trailer for Pokemon X and Y at their E3 presentation. The trailer contains abundant battle footage from the 3DS exclusive and reveals a new type of Pokemon.

The new type is called Fairy. Fairy-types are able to use magic attacks like Moonblast and are strong against Dragon-types. New Pokemon Sylveon is a Fairy-type, as are returning Pokemon Jigglypuff, Gardevoir and Marill.

X and Y are the first games in the main series to feature 3D characters rather than sprites. As such, the battles look a lot more physical. Pokemon actually react to taking damage, instead of just flashing colors as they did in earlier games.

Many of the previously announced Pokemon for X and Y make an appearance in the trailer. This includes the three new starters as well as the two Legendaries. The game will introduce a new evolution of Mewtwo but he's a no-show here.

Pokemon X and Y will each arrive this fall. The official website was updated today with an October 12th launch date.