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PopCap Games On iOS, Android, Nintendo 3DS A Possibility

PopCap is probably best known for their casual line-up of arcade-esque titles suited for the whole family. One of their bestselling franchises happens to be BeJeweled, along with Plants Vs Zombies, for those of you who didn’t know, and the guys over at Pocketful of Megabytes had a chance to talk with the PR head honcho of PopCap about the company, the games and the future possibility of expanding to new platforms.

In the Pocketful of Megabyte interview, Garth Chouteau, the VP of public relations for PopCap responded to the question about branching out to new platforms, saying…

…we’re traditionally somewhat slow to adapt our games to other platforms after launching them on PC/Mac… Bejeweled 3 for iPhone/iPad is probably something we’ll do…eventually…!

As for their plans with the Nintendo 3DS and whether gamers will be seeing some Avatar-style 3D from Plants Vs Zombies or Heavy Weapons seems a little sketchy at the moment but could be possible somewhere down the road. Chouteau commented in the interview that…

We tend to be very circumspect about adapting our games; we won’t be first to most new devices and platforms, but if we end up adapting [a game] for a new device, we strive to make that adaptation as good as it can be for the platform or device in question.

You can check out the entire interview covering a wide range of topics by paying a visit to Pocketful of Megabytes.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.