Vector Farr of Orange County, California is a huge Portal fan. So deep is his dedication to Aperture Science and cake that his dad, Xombie writer and creator James Farr, decided to help him build his own Portal-themed bedroom.

The bedroom doesn't have any Propulsion Gel or two-way portals but it's full of plenty of other neat stuff. Orange and blue lava lamps rest atop a nightstand painted like a companion cube. The walls are adorned with the warning signs and mad scribblings you'll find throughout the halls of Aperture Science.

The adjoining bathroom has a few Portal touches as well. There's an Aperture logo on the toilet and a "red button" carpet. Me, I'm mostly just amazed the kid's got his own bathroom.

All in all, it's a really clever theme for a bedroom and bathroom. The Farrs definitely put some time and thought into it. This is the sort of project worth pointing out when someone says gamers have no imagination.

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