The car combat game isn't what it used to be. David Jaffe tried to bring it back to its roots earlier this year with the new Twisted Metal, but less-than-stellar sale show that gamers might not be ready to jump behind the wheel of a mature-themed, automobile-powered kill-a-thon. But maybe, just maybe, we're ready for a more lighthearted, race-heavy take on the genre. Enter Pressure, a lovely, colorful car combat racer that looks to offer as much heart as it does explosive action.

In Pressure, you play a creative engineer who discovers that the lake that used to reside next to their house has been sucked dry by the sinister Earl, an uncool dude who wants to open a Wellness Spa Temple. This, of course, does not sit well with the player.

In order to thwart Earl's plans, you're going to need to build a steam-powered rig to race down the road, blow up his countless minions and, eventually, maybe even return the town's water supply.

From TopWare Interactive and Chasing Carrots, Pressure is pretty dang easy on the eyes. The races look fast-paced and action packed, complete with obstacles to avoid, baddies to blow up and even the occasional boss to blow to smithereens. Your steampunk rig can be upgraded between races using the resources you accumulate in-game. It's pretty straightforward, but straightforward is also often the most direct course to a good time.

No word yet on whether or not the game will feature any sort of multiplayer component, but we do know that it's expected sometime later this year for PC, the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

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