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Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream revealed their first PS4 game at Paris Game Week today. The game is called Detroit: Become Human and might look very familiar to you.

Detroit: Become Human imagines a near future in which realistic androids exist. Players take on the role of Kara, an android fresh out of the factory now exploring the world. Here's director David Cage's short intro to the game from PlayStation.Blog:
We wondered how we — humans — would react if we were confronted with a new form of intelligence, how androids conceived as machines would be perceived if they started to have emotions.

We didn’t want to do another story on AI (there are already so many great ones), we wanted to talk about what it means to be human and what it would be like to be in the shoes of an android discovering our world and their own emotions…

Quantic actually first teased this game way back in 2012. They released a tech demo for PS3 called "Kara" that showed an android being assembled and tested.

Once Kara realizes she's going to be sold in the store, she becomes despondent because she "thought she was alive." The scientist testing her begins to disassemble her because she's "defective" but stops when she pleads and cries. The scientist then sends her to join the other androids awaiting release:

Cage said that after releasing the short, he kept wondering what would happen to Kara once she exited the factory. With Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream will answer that question.

They haven't revealed exactly what type of game Detroit will be. However, Quantic is known for making "interactive drama" games that favor story and characters above all. There's still plenty of violence in their games, but it usually plays out through Quick Time Events.

Today's announcement and trailer don't mention a release date for Detroit. Considering we're only just finding out about the game now, though, I imagine we shouldn't expect it until late 2016 or later.

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