BulkyPix and Blue Riversa are bringing mobile gamers a nice little racing title to test your reflexes and Gymkhana skills using drifting techniques originally developed by Ken Block, and featured in Codemaster’s DiRT 3.

Gamers who enjoyed the Gymkhana mode from Codemaster’s console and PC racing title will be able to take to the streets in RPM: Gymkhana Racing using a variety of top-end, high-tech sports machines to perform daring turns, twists and drifting tactics to score points.

Vincent Dondaine, CMO and COO of BulkyPix commented in the press release, saying…
"RPM: Gymkhana Racing delivers the most accurate portrayal of the stunt racing team possible," ... "Between the stunning courses, different control types and challenges, and the innovative recording mode, players will definitely be coming back for more."

Some of the videos below are just captures of the devs obviously showing off, especially the second clip with what looks like a Lamborghini making ridiculously over-the-top drifting spins to round each corner. Yeah, okay, we get it…some of us will never be able to round those corners in a Geo Metro, but at least that’s what RPM: Gymkhana Racing is for.

You can look for the game to land on the App store this Thursday, November 17th for iOS devices. If you need to learn more, feel free to visit the Official Website.

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