It's another busy week over on the PlayStation Network with a nice selection of downloadable, Classic and brand new games ready to usher players into the fall season. And one thing that fall always seems to bring more of is Rain. I am, of course, talking about the intriguing new platforming game, set to release tomorrow for the PlayStation 3.

First announced earlier this year, Rain is an artistic spin on the puzzle and platforming genre, tasking the player with making their way through a rain-drenched city in search of a mysterious girl. The catch is that the character you'll be controlling, a young boy, is only visible in the rain. Otherwise, he's a ghostly figure who can traipse around unseen. The world is also infested with some dog-looking enemies that, for unknown reasons, appear to want to track the boy and the girl down. It's unique, it's atmospheric, and it should be the perfect game as the temperatures continue to drop and autumn finally sets in.

“In Rain, gamers will explore the streets, alleys and awnings of a haunting city saturated by rain,” reads the official release announcement from Sony Social Media Specialist, Ryan Clements. “Players must use the rain around them to perceive their small hero running through the world, pursuing a similarly ghostly girl, while avoiding a malevolent force. Rain blends this adventure together with unique puzzles to create a wholly original experience.”

If you're more into sports and semi-sports than eerie adventures through a soaked city, then both NBA 2K14 and Pro Foosball might be able to tempt you instead. NBA 2K14 is the latest in the yearly iterated basketball game while Pro Foosball brings the beloved arcade game to the PlayStation 3.

Also on offer this week is the colorful and lighthearted Die!Die!Die!, a puzzle game that sees players zapping all sorts of nasty viruses from within the human body. This one's coming to the PlayStation Vita, utilizing the system's touchscreen for all of your virus-killing needs.

The console remake of platforming classic, Flashback, will also launch on the PlayStation Network this week, alongside Skydive: Proximity Flight, the “extreme sports simulator” that sees the player diving through all sorts of crazy environments with only their wingsuit to keep them in control of the descent.

Finally, just in time for the Halloween season, Fatal Frame 3 completes the beloved survival horror trilogy on PSN this week, once again tasking players with investigating a haunted setting with nothing more than a camera to protect them from the angry ghosts that would do them harm. It's a series that still holds up and, if you're in the mood for some good chills, then this is a PlayStation 2 Classic that you might want to take for a spin.

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