There was something I was supposed to tell you, but I forget what it is...Ah yes! Now I remember. Remember Me, that is. It's releasing this week and, over on the PlayStation Network, it's kicking off this week's list of new content as a day-one digital download.

Set in a dystopian Paris, circa 2084, Remember Me takes place in a time when humanity is constantly being monitored and our own memories are being bought and sold over the internet. Players will take on the role of Nilin, who has the ability to hack into peoples' minds in order to achieve her objectives. It sounds pretty cool, and it will be available in The Drop once the PlayStation Network updates Tuesday afternoon.

While Remember Me is all about breaking into memories in the future on the PS3 this week, Limbo, arriving on the Vita, is all about the unknown. You could say the bright-eyed character has no memories, actually, waking up in a strange land where death and more mystery waits around every corner. Quell Memento also arrives on the Vita this week, offering players dozens of slider puzzles that require contemplation and careful planning.

If you're looking to make something old new again, then you could always check out the digital version of Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon on the PlayStation 3, Class of Heroes 2 on the PSP, or Alfa Romeo Racing: Italiano as a PlayStation 2 classic.

These games, along with the usual batch of demos, DLC, videos and more, will be available Tuesday afternoon once the weekly PSN update goes live.

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