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Insomniac Games is working hard on the new Resistance 3 for the PS3. The game, while still yet another shoot-the-alien FPS, takes on a vastly different approach to the genre making the game similar along the lines of a post Battle: Los Angeles world.

Unlike other games where the world needs saving from an invading force, or the hero must gather his wits to prevent said invasion, Resistance 3 decides to take the high road and put players in a scenario where there are no more heroes and the world has been invaded and very well taken over by the invading forces. It’s a bleak thought, yeah, but an inventive one nonetheless.

Players will basically have to muster their gall and seek out a way to hurt the Chimera enough to damage their inhabitation of the Earth. It’s no easy task and Insomniac wanted a cold new world as the center driving force behind the player’s ambitions to kick some alien butt and get them off our planet.

You can check out the new video diary below that explains the world and a brief snippet of the storyline behind the upcoming Resistance 3. Personally, it seems like this third game will really set itself apart from a lot of the other shooters out there and that’s definitely a good thing.