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The developers behind SOCOM 4 are working hard to convey an authentic military experience that not only enhances what players have experienced in previous SOCOM games, but to also offer up a brand new narrative that borrows a little bit from the Modern Warfare, blockbuster movie angle.

While the set pieces probably won’t consist of buildings on a snowy cliff that go up in a huge explosion while the main characters rappel down the side of the mountain in slow motion, SOCOM 4 will feature a more tension-ridden storyline for the single-player campaign that will put the main characters in some pretty hot water. The concept of adding in Korean special forces to the mix also adds a little bit of originality to the otherwise overused, out-numbered and out-gunned American soldiers on foreign territory tale.

You can check out the new developer documentary below or head on over to the to learn more about what the game will feature and some of the new multiplayer modes being tossed into the game.