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Remember the really cool Shaundi voiced by Eliza Dushku from Saints Row 2? Well, she's coming back in Saints Row 4. Remember all the drama from Saints Row and Saints Row 2? Well that's coming back as well. Remember Keith David from the first two games? Well he's coming back, too. Of course, there's also plenty of serious nudity coming back like it was out of style.

The trailer, spotted by Blues, brings into focus the human aspect of the story, the drama, the emotion...ah, who am I kidding? This was a parody on all those other big summer blockbuster trailers that try to focus on the serious aspects of the story but are basically there to say “There's gonna be a lot of big explosions, there's gonna be a ton of bullets and there's going to be a lot of T&A from the credits to the credits.”

I still don't know about Saints Row 4, though. I was completely unimpressed with the dumbed-down fighting system in Saints Row: The Third and while the character graphics were better there were fewer customization options, though what options they did have were pretty slick. The fewer vehicles, fewer vehicle customization options and an almost barren city where you could hardly find any populated areas with AI made The Third feel less like a sandbox and more like a parody of a sandbox. All the mini-games removed compared to Saints Row 2 was also disappointing.

Hopefully the missteps they took with Saints Row: The Third will be rectified with Saints Row 4. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.