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If you're the kind of gamer where you pass up a game because you don't feel you're getting the complete edition due to all the DLC and add-ons, no need to worry because THQ has you covered, and yes all that waiting and exercise of patience has paid off. The publisher has announced that Saints Row: The Third will be re-releasing this November as a complete set, with all the previous DLC wrapped up in a nice, giant purple dildo sized package.

According to Gaming Everything, THQ sent out word that Saints Row: The Third's complete pack will contain the main game, Genkibowl VII, Gangstas In Space, and The Trouble With Clones, along with all the accessory DLC which totals up to 30 different packs.

For those of you cursing at your monitors for having bought all the DLC separately, it's okay, it happens every time a big game releases and the publishers start passing out the lube during the press promotion of the DLC, it's just the way of things. For those of you cheering at your monitor for having showed restraint and waiting for the inevitable not-so-game-of-the-year edition, you'll be able to get Saints Row: The Third and all the previously released DLC for the discounted price of $49.99. The price will carry over no matter what platform you have, so it'll be fixed for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC (unless of course, Steam has one of those 75% off sales again and then console gamers will get screwed out of a buttload of savings).

The Saints Row: The Third Full Package will become available for home consoles and PC in North America beginning November 6th, followed by the international release on November 9th.