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Like many other big releases this fall, Saints Row: The Third will be accompanied by an optional Season Pass. By paying for an SR3 Season Pass, players will get access to four downloadable content packs at a 15% discount.

Three mission packs will be released for SR3 in the coming months: Mission Packs
  • Genkibowl VII (Scheduled to be available January 2012) - The Wide World of Genki takes over Steelport for a sporting tradition totally and utterly unlike any other.
  • Gangstas in Space (Scheduled to be available Winter 2012) - The Saints go intergalactic in this science-fiction misadventure.
  • The Trouble With Clones (Scheduled to be available Spring 2012) - Copy-cat killing at its finest.
The fourth DLC is the Nyte Blade Pack. It unlocks two vehicles (Nyte Blayde Mobile, Bloody Canoness Bike) as well as two costumes (Altar Boy Outfit, Bloody Canoness Outfit). These items are pictured above.

Saints Row: The Third will arrive in North America on November 15th and in Europe on the 18th.