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Sanyo Inductive Charging Station Arrives For Nintendo Wii

Officially licensed by Nintendo and offering speedy charging for up to two Wii-motes or Mad Catz Reactor Wii Controller, the Sanyo Inductive Charging Station is a great charging solution for gamers who use Wii-MotionPlus controllers or standard Wii-motes. In addition to offering support for multiple controller types, the Sanyo charging station also allows gamers to keep the protective covering and accessories on the Wii controllers while they charge, making it much more convenient for plug-and-charge accessibility.

As stated in the press release…

The breakthrough charging system makes use of SANYO’s unique ‘’eneloop’ battery technology, which enables hundreds of charges and which is proven to retain 85% of initial charge, even after a full year of use, while conventional NiMH batteries lose 50%. Coupled with the ability to recharge and re-use over and over again, low self-discharge make ‘eneloop’ batteries the perfect choice for long-term intermittent use.

What’s even better is that this awesome device doesn’t even require a power cable. “How do you charge stuff then?” You might ask. Well, the Sanyo Inductive Charge Station is powered by a USB cable that plugs directly into the Wii itself, allowing gamers to play-and-charge…or at least watch some Netflix movies while your controllers recharge.

You can learn more about the Sanyo Charging Station by heading on over to the Official Mad Catz Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.