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“I am the true Lord of the Rings!” If that line got your blood pumping, then chances are pretty good that you're a fan of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and, by extension, are eagerly anticipating the game's final piece of DLC, “The Bright Lord.” To help stoke that fire, the team at Monolith Productions today released a new trailer for the game's final chapter, showing off plenty of action and lots of orc heads flying through the air.

I'm usually pretty quick to excitement when it comes to video games. What can I say? I dig the things. When it comes to DLC, though, it usually takes quite a bit more to perk up my ears. Too many developers these days are utilizing some questionable tactics when it comes to post-launch content, so usually it all becomes white noise in the background until I've seen something that truly looks worth playing. And “worthy of playing” is exactly what this latest trailer makes The Bright Lord look like.

Over the weekend, we dished out a few new details concerning Shadow of Mordor's final piece of DLC, The Bright Lord, including a few hints at the story and the fact that players will primarily take on the role of Celebrimbor. For those of you who are rubbish with fantasy names, that's the ghostly dude who followed you around through the original campaign.

Not only is Monolith promising that this final piece of content for the game will be the most difficult yet, but it looks like players will actually get to play some extremely important moments in Lord of the Rings history, alongside getting to wield the One Ring's power and even take on Sauron himself.

Monolith Community Manager Andy Salisbury this morning unveiled the Bright Lord trailer on the PlayStation Blog, explaining the importance of the story it has to tell.

“Now players will have the chance to play these epic events, wield this power for themselves and learn the fate of Celebrimbor, the greatest Elven king of the Second Age and the Bright Lord of Mordor — thousands of years before he became the Wraith that denied Talion death,” Salisbury said.

Given the fact that Mordor launched last fall, it's nice to see this type of story-heavy content being added months down the road, giving players a chance to jump back into the game and fall in love with the chain-heavy combat and Nemesis system all over again. Also, that length of time, as well as the fact that this is a tangential story, makes it feel less like content that was stripped from the original game in order to make an extra buck and more like, you know, proper DLC that the team wanted to spend some extra time on.

Look for the Bright Lord to visit Mordor on your platform of choice starting today.
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