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Flying Wild Hog really hit a home run with their remake of Shadow Warrior for PC and home consoles. Published by Devolver Digital, Shadow Warrior 2 hopes to take everything Flying Wild Hog did in the first game and then multiply it by 10. If you don't believe me, just check out the announcement trailer for the game.

That song at the end is straight up awesome.

It's also funny in the comment sections of various videos on YouTube, people are yelling “NOOOO, save some for E3.”

I definitely understand the frustration that all the really big, seemingly cool titles that actually look fun are being revealed well before the big stage at E3. But we also have to consider that people are going to be chock full of content and completely overwhelmed when the E3 conferences get underway this Sunday and we start seeing the first footage of Doom and more footage of Fallout 4 and Halo 5's campaign mode, as well as big announcements from Sony and some of the first complete gameplay footage of Star Fox for the Wii U.

I hate to say it, but the sequel to Shadow Warrior would have likely been buried under a barrage of gaming goodness, so it makes sense that Devolver Digital pulled the trigger a little early and fed gamers some content before things get hot and heavy in Los Angeles, California next week.

The press release for Shadow Warrior 2 over on All Games Beta keeps the details straight and to the point. We find out that the game will now support four-player online co-op, as well as the return of mixing melee weapons and guns, just like in the previous game.

Michal Szustak, Studio Director at Flying Wild Hog commented about the news saying...
The incredible reception of Shadow Warrior from both longtime fans and gamers new to the series was overwhelming, […] Shadow Warrior 2 will expand on and improve every element that made the original so unique and strike a balance between classic FPS action and modern design.

Dick jokes, lots of blood and gore, plenty of unique weapons and battling ninjas, monsters, soldiers and the undead all help to bring a cohesive, over-the-top experience to Shadow Warrior. The only thing Flying Wild Hog has to do is make sure it works right out of the box. Also, if they include split-screen play they'll have a real one-up on 343's Halo 5.

Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker also had some words of wisdom to share about the game, saying...
While the game is bursting with stunning visuals and exquisite combat, it’s the near constant barrage of Wang jokes that is going to move product, […] The kids love thinly veiled dick jokes. Love ‘em.

You can look for Shadow Warrior 2 to launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game will be on display and demoed at E3 this year. You'll be able to see the game live and in action via Twitch.tv starting Monday, June 15th.
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