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The upcoming 3D RPG for PC and consoles is called Shiness. It's a throwback to classic titles like Tales of Symphonia, Legend of Dragoon and Final Fantasy IX.

The developers recently made a post on their Kickstarter page with some very good news regarding the Wii U version for Shiness, noting that they've received a response from Nintendo regarding the project.

Nintendo Enthusiast caught wind of the update from the official Kickstarter page, where developer Ynnis Interactive posted the following bit of good news...
“Thanks to your support, Nintendo answered us! We are actually subscribing to their development program, which will allow us (if we have enough money, of course), to port the game on Wii-U!”

The game is currently sitting at $82,000 out of a goal of $100,000. The stretch goal to port the game to the PlayStation 4 rests at $140,000. Even though there is no financial stretch goal in place yet, we at least know that a Wii U port is now on the table and that's exciting news, folks.

For everyone completely out of the loop, just take a look at the promo video for the game below and be wowed.

It's a French, Japanese-style role-playing game that aims to bring back a lot of the classic elements that helped shape the gaming industry back in the late 90s and early aughts.

The graphics and character aesthetics are what really stand out, giving the game the sort of dynamic and original look to give it the sort of distinct characteristics apart from all the other gray-and-brown shooter appeal that has been plaguing the AAA industry these past years.

They don't talk much about what sort of features could be utilized in a Wii U port (they're probably just excited in their attempt to become registered Nintendo developers) but with a little bit of promotion and a lot of love from the gaming community at large, Shiness has a prime opportunity to become an established brand in the role-playing space... or at least, we can hope.

I'm excited for Shiness, as it marks a trend of evolving a genre that seems to have come to a full stop within the realm of most major publishers, or replaced with me-too shooters. I tend to doubt that Shiness will get Square-Enix to start making good games again, but maybe a few other smaller indie devs will follow suit and try stepping outside the box with some of their RPGs as well. Edge of Eternity seems to be one of those games that fit the bill.

You can keep up with the progress and updates of Shiness as it makes the long journey toward the road of completion, by paying a kind visit to the official Kickstarter page.

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