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After finishing up Kholat, developer IMGN.PRO has officially announced they are finally working on their next title, Husk. They also noted that the game was inspired by such horror classics as Alan Wake and Silent Hill

Husk tells the story of a man who is in search of his family after a train crash. Very much like in Silent Hill, protagonist Matthew Palmer finds himself stranded in a seemingly abandoned town called Shivercliff. He must overcome the horrors of the town in order to finally be reunited with his family—or at least figure out what the heck happened. You can check out the short teaser below.

While the teaser obviously doesn’t give much away, it’s very apparent that the game is going to be just as pretty—and just as disturbing—as Kholat was. While Kholat wasn’t my favorite game to play, I still enjoyed the history behind the story and the subtle atmospheric horror, something that I tend to enjoy a lot in horror titles. 

It’s obvious where the inspiration from Alan Wake and Silent Hill is being pinpointed. The strange emphasis on light in many of the screenshots on the official website remind me very much of Alan Wake, which had a strong focus on the meaning of light. And the fact that you have to explore this uncanny town in the middle of nowhere of course reminds me of the lost town of Silent Hill. Being a huge fan of both Silent Hill and Alan Wake, you can bet I am stoked to watch the progression of this game and to see what kind of game it eventually turns into. The world could not ever be too populated with games like Silent Hill. Sometimes I feel like there still aren’t enough. 

Rely on Horror actually didn’t give Kholat a very good review, and it’s understandable because some of the gameplay mechanics in the game were confusing. But I have high hopes, because Husk will mostly be coming out of UndeadScout, who recently worked on a game called The Clearing—and it also looks very pretty. 

There aren’t any release details on Husk yet, but you can bet I’ll be following it closely. For more information on UndeadScout, you can visit their official page

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