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Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a virtual greeting card featuring lighted mascots from miniatures-infused video game Skylanders Giants, right? Seriously, though, if your kids are into the wildly popular series, you'll want to hear me out. Kids can now create their own Skylanders Giants greeting cards and, while grandma and grandpa might not have the foggiest idea what a “Spyro” is, they'll certainly be able to appreciate the personal touch these nifty little cards afford.

Skylanders Giants is the latest edition to the gaming series, offering players a chance to explore a virtual world of adventure on their favorite gaming console by interacting with a special peripheral that let's you insert physical action figures into the fray. The series is selling like mad, so chances are pretty good that even if you have no idea what I'm talking about, your kids just might.

If you're looking to spend a little quality time with the youngsters while being creative, then you might want to check out the Skylanders Christmas Lights website. It offers a straightforward drag-and-drop virtual greeting card format that lets your kids (or you adults that are young at hear) create their own holiday greeting cards.

Once you've selected your language and card background, you can get to work choosing Skylanders figures, lit displays and a wide assortment of lights to make your card a work of festive art. After that, you can add a personal message, then share your card with the world or someone special through Facebook or Twitter.