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PC gamers have a new Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim expansion to play today. Dragonborn, the third add-on released for the game, allows players to travel to the island of Solstheim.

Solstheim, previously seen in the Elder Scrolls III expansion Bloodmoon, is located between the provinces of Skyrim and Morrowind. As a result, the island is inhabited by both Nords and Dunmer. Not all of the residents are so friendly, though. Rieklings, werebears, and ashspawn are among the enemies that players will face. Bloodmoon veterans will be pleased to know that a certain frost giant from that expansion has returned as well.

The central storyline of the add-on centers around a mysterious cult. This cult of brainwashed followers is building a series of structures across the island. Their reasons for creating these structures - and for trying to murder the player - will be explored over several hours of gameplay.

The add-on will even take players to a new daedric realm. While there, players will find black books to let them explore new progression options. They can reset their perks, add new abilities, or enhance their existing dragonshouts.

New loot is obviously included as well. Through side quests, players can find a way to create powerful Stahlrim weapons. They can also get their hands on stylish Bonemold and Chitin armor.

Dragonborn costs $20 to download. The content is already available for Xbox 360 for the same price. PS3 gamers will be able to purchase it later this month at a discount.

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