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Sledgehammer Defends Call Of Duty Engine

Many critics of Modern Warfare 3 focus on the game's tech, specifically the IW Engine. Though the IW Engine dates back to 2005, Sledgehammer Games general manager Glen Schofield says that it's still up to the task.

"Well I'll tell you one thing, I've worked on a lot of engines over my lifetime and spent a lot of time putting graphics in to them and this thing is Porsche," Schofield told CVG. "And what I mean by that is that it is stream-lined, everything in it is perfectly freaking clean. You can tell it's been worked on for years. It's easy to upgrade."

Added Schofield: "If you put Modern Warfare 2 next to Modern Warfare 3 you would see a huge difference. Look at all the character models, look at all the gun models, look at the reflections, look at the water. There is so much that we've added, so when someone says 'cut and paste', I don't even want to talk to them because they don't know. They just don't know. They have no idea."

He also points out that MW3's levels are much larger beasts than levels in previous years. They have more vertical space, in addition to extra textures and higher fidelity.

While Schofield is clearly willing to defend IW Engine, he thinks that the game itself is more important than the tech.

" I've said this before - I'm not shipping an engine, I'm shipping a game. So that's why I'm going to talk about the game. You can talk about your engine all you want. It's not fun."

MW3 launches worldwide on November 8th.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.