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Square Enix and United Front Games have a huge amount of downloadable content planned for open-world crime game Sleeping Dogs. Their plans include both premium and free DLC.

The Street Racer pack will introduce three new races through the streets and waterways of Hong Kong. Downloading it will also unlock a new Sting superbike, Dragon Helmet and Racing Jacket. The Jacket isn't just a fashion statement; it's said to provide extra protection against gunfire.

The SWAT Pack, meanwhile, provides players with a Super-SWAT Tactical Uniform and armored van. You'll put this equipment to good use in 20 crime-fighting missions. You'll rescue hostages, stop armed robbers, and in general make Hong Kong a safer place for the kids.

Players looking to sow destruction throughout the city will want the Tactical Soldier Pack. It provides you with an assault rifle equipped with an under-barrel grenade launcher, previously seen in select missions of the campaign. You'll be able to protect your hide with the new Tactical Outfit.

United Front also plans to release a Community Gift Pack with free extras as well as a story-based add-on. Additional details on these two pieces of DLC will be revealed soon. Expect the story DLC to be formally announced on October 14th at New York Comic Con.

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