There are some basic expectations that come along with most open-world titles. Most gamers expect to be able to steal any car they see, beat up any pedestrian, cop or thug, as well as customize the main protagonist to suit their mood. The new trailer for Sleeping Dogs gives a complete rundown of the open-world mechanics for United Front Games' upcoming title, showing off the street races, the melee combat, the vehicle combat, the customization, the style, the ladies and everything else in between.

The following trailer also helps re-confirm that open-world games can still be fun even when they aren't Grand Theft Auto. This gen we've received far fewer open-world titles than the last gen, and the quality of those titles have also dropped in comparison to last-gen with the exception of Rockstar's titles and Just Cause 2. Well, hopefully United Front can help redeem the genre and prompt for some more "me too" open-world action titles.

Ha, some of those outfits look pretty rad, especially the "Game of Death" jumpsuit. It will be outright hilarious running around in that yellow outfit, hacking and slashing guys while looking like a banana.

But with Square-Enix now taking care of the publishing side of things after Activision vetted the project from their hands (due to budget costs and the fact that it wasn't Call of Duty) I'm excited to see how Sleeping Dogs turns out when the game launches this August.

You can pre-order right now for PC, Xbox 360 or PS3, as well as learn more about the content by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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