With all the stages from previous Sonic games being re-envisioned for the current generation of gaming, gamers will be able to play old stages in new ways, including all the levels from the Sonic games that were on the Dreamcast.

The trailer features many of the fun stages from the various Dreamcast Sonic games, now playable as they were on the Dreamcast in 3D and the way they could have been done in 2D on the Sega Genesis. Check out the trailer below.

Sonic Generations is really looking better by the trailer. I’m also hoping the game sells well enough to give Sega the hint that maybe this is the direction future Sonic games should head in. With HD graphics, two different Sonics and enough fast-paced, lightning-quick stages to run through, Sonic Generations will be the platform game worth playing this holiday season.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the Official Website.

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