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The video game adaptation of Sons of Anarchy is still in development. Kurt Sutter, creator of the television show, teased a few details about the game on Twitter.

Fortunately, he didn't stop there. He added that it's a first-person action game. Also, it gets him all hot and bothered:

Sutter first revealed the existence of the SOA game in February 2012. At the time, he said that they were planning a "high-end browser-based game." A few months later, he said the project is going to be a console game rather than "some slapcrap browser MP thing."

Sons of Anarchy centers on a motorcycle club in central California. They sell guns to make a not-so-honest living and regularly fend off law enforcement or rival gangs. The series' premise seems well-suited to video games. There's a lot of shooting and driving, two very popular activities in gaming.

The plot of the game is unknown. Presumably it's going to involve at least some of the cast members from the show in order to bring in those fans. Maybe it acts a prequel to the series; the Sons MC existed for decades before the start of the show there's plenty of history to dive into. It could also be a side story starring one of the supporting characters (Happy?). The developers might also make up some new prospect character so we can experience the full initiation process.

I'm surprising they've waited this long to make a Sons game. The show wrapped up its sixth season last year and its seventh will be the last. It might've been better to release the game a couple years back. On the other hand, this game will be a way for the series to live on after its television finale. Maybe they'll make more than one if it does really well, too.

If you want to catch up on Sons of Anarchy before the game arrives, you can watch the first five seasons through Netflix. Each season has about 13 episodes apieces so you should be able to make quick work of it.

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