It's not often that you get money back just for spending money, but that's the basic premise of a new promotions Sony is running on the PlayStation Network through the next month. Basically, for every 50 bucks you spend on PSN, you'll get $10 back in April.

Last week, Sony surprised quite a few gamers with a surprise $5 or $10 credit to be spent on the PlayStation Network. The message attached to the credit basically said “Thanks for being a loyal customer of PSN, here's some free money.” This month, that spirit of giving has been given a more defined face in the form of a “PSN March Savings” event.

As stated above, the promotion begins today and will run through April 1. In that period of time, every $50 you spend on PSN will earn you a $10 credit, which will be emailed out sometime in April. These purchases can be on anything within the Sony Entertainment Network, including rented/purchased movies and TV shows, music and games. And for those who are curious the answer is, yes, a PlayStation Plus subscription is included in the items that will count toward your monthly total.

Just to make sure everyone knows what some of their money-spending options are this month, Sony has also put together this handy list of some upcoming titles you can pre-order or purchase, as well as some additional bonuses you'll receive for reserving your digital copy. If you pre-order upcoming titles like MLB The Show 13, Bioshock: Infinite or Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel, those pre-order dollars will count toward your monthly spending and net you free swag like exclusive PS3 themes and DLC content.

Sony has made several comments that make it sound like they would like to move gamers towards a more digital lifestyle in the next console generation, and I can't think of a better way to groom the masses than to offer them cash back for online purchases.

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