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Just as the name suggests, Soul Captor is a game about capturing souls from hundreds of various types of fantastical creatures. It's another one of those Pokemon/Card Capture Sakura type of games set within an MMO paradigm. Gamania has announced that the game is set for release this summer.

Spencer Chi, director of New Game Development at Gamania stated in the press release that...
“Soul Captor offers a unique gameplay experience, which we are confident will further bolster the userbase of our beanfun! platform. Soul Captor is a key title that will pave the way for other games in our product pipeline and will further contribute to Gamania’s growth in western markets”.

Well, talking about how great a game is doesn't really make it great until you find out for yourself by actually playing it. To help entice gamers into wanting to play, Gamania released a new trailer for Soul Captor which you can view below.

CG trailers are also nice, but it, too, doesn't do much to convey just how well the game might turn out to be. Luckily for gamers a complete list of gameplay details have become available for the public at large as well as additional media assets and gameplay screenshots.

Soul Captor might turn out to be decent, but it'll be entering a soon to be crowded sub-genre of monster-capturing MMOs, such as the recently announced Tamer Saga and Monsterology.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the Official Website. Soul Captor is due out this summer on the Beanfun! network and will be free-to-play.

Key Features:
• Unique and beautiful graphical style
• Soul System that allows players to capture and collect the souls of fallen monsters in the “Soulpedia”
• Captured souls can be used as mounts
• ”Anima” companion system with on-the-fly defensive, offensive or healing capabilities
• In-game cut scenes and rich storylines
• Friends system that allows players to advance bonds with others and gain buffs and bonuses
• Comprehensive Achievement System
• Advanced Autopilot System
• Player vs Environment (PvE) and Player vs Player modes (PVP)

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