Chances are pretty good that, if you you're playing Soul Sacrifice, you are now pretty familiar with the act of sacrificing your friend in order to deliver a devastating final blow to a massive enemy. According to game creator Keiji Inafune, that type of decision forces the player to experience an emotional reaction, something he wanted to be a big focus in his latest game for the PlayStation Vita.

After dumping hours upon hours into the Soul Sacrifice demo, players are now heaping even more hours on that pile with the actual game. In this unique game for the PS Vita, the player is tasked with sacrificing items in order to destroy hordes of monsters. While some of these items are little more than trinkets, others include your own body parts or even the life of a teammate. In a recent interview with Inafune on the PlayStation Blog, Inafune explains that he wanted those types of sacrifices to come with a cost and, so far, he's extremely pleased with how players have responded.

The above linked post is actually a double-decker of awesomeness when it comes to hearing from Inafune, as it opens with a video interview about his inspirations for Soul Sacrifice, which can also be viewed at the top of this post.

The written portion of the interview, however, focuses on the game's central act of forfeiting one thing in order to receive another.

“Those types of choices heavily involve emotional aspects and the decision making process isn't automatic,” Inafune explains when asked about the decision-making aspects of his own game, as well as games like Mass Effect 3 and The Walking Dead. “In the old days, the decision making process for players was a reflex: stepping right or left in order to avoid a bullet. That doesn't involve emotions. But let's say you have two choices and either decision will cause a different character to die. Then you would have to question yourself and also consider the consequences you will live with. This has a stronger tie to your emotions.”

Whether you're playing Soul Sacrifice or simply have an interest in the current state of video game design and its future, Inafune offers some good insights within the interview. It's definitely worth a read.

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