Sound Shapes, the musical platforming game for PlayStation 3 and Vita, is set to receives some new DLC in a couple of weeks, as well as the ability to download community levels to your console of choice for playing offline.

PSNStores offered a pair of posts this weekend highlighting Queasy Games’ plans to add more content to the much-loved musical adventure game, Sound Shapes. The first bit of news came directly from the Sound Shapes Twitter feed announcing, quite simply, “New DLC coming 3/12!” No other details were provided, save a follow-up tweet that teased “New beats and a new way to play.”

When PSNStores contacted Sony to inquire about the DLC, the spokesperson was unable to comment as to what, exactly, would be included in the upcoming content. They did provide one very interesting additional tidbit, however, being that Sound Shapes will soon allow players to actually download user created content to enjoy when playing offline.

For all of its strengths, Sound Shapes’ biggest weakness was that it did not allow players to download each other’s levels. You could play all of the user created levels you wanted so long as you were connected to the internet, and save favorites for future play, but you were not able to actually download anything. It looks like that’s all about to change, and I couldn’t be more pleased. As much as I love Sound Shapes, being limited to the game’s own content while on the go meant that I was playing it less and less. The ability to DL a few levels before going on a trip means that the game will once again be in my portable rotation, making for some head-bobbing, toe-tapping good times.

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