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Spectrobes - The Collector's Edition Now Available

If you missed it, now is your chance to check out what some call a Pokemon clone game for the Nintendo DS, Spectrobes in it all it's glory. The Collector's Edition version of Spectrobes is now available for the Nintendo DS portable system.

If you missed the action-adventure RPG, that's part of the reason that Nintendo DS is the most fun and exciting system around, you can now check out this version which comes with 38 Code Input Cards along with 2 Geo Cards that allow gamers to unlock new, exclusive content. There's also a new stats mini-game available.

While some might call it a Pokémon clone, I think games like Spectrobes are fun to play, and there is plenty to do in this title. This along with better games such as Kirby Squeak Squad, Mario Kart, Elite Beat Agents, New Super Mario Bros., Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and Castlevania are part of why Nintendo is once again the dominant brand in games yet again. These are simply great games that are fun to play, and that's exactly what games should be. And they are innovative and constantly do cool new things with the stylus play.

In the game you play as the planetary control officer, Rallen, who must gather species of creatures called the Spectrobes in order to help aid him in his fights against his enemies. Spectrobes is the first totally original release from Disney Interactive studios and has sold over 800,000 units worldwide. Now get to making an anime series already.

You can find all this and more including trailers, videos, Webisodes, and Rallen's blog at the Spectrobes: Official Website.