If you didn't pick up Starhawk this May, you'll have a new way to buy it soon. The Hong Kong website for PlayStation is listing a new "Multiplayer Edition" of the third-person shooter.

The "Multiplayer Edition" presumably gives players access to all of the online content offered in the game. No price was mentioned. It should be significantly cheaper than buying the full game, at the cost of not being able to access the campaign.

Sony previously released the multiplayer for Killzone 3 as a standalone product. The interesting part of that bundle was that it let players try all of the modes and maps for free. However, player progression was capped to Sergeant unless you paid $15 to unlock it. Perhaps the Starhawk Multiplayer Edition will have a similar business model.

The online play of Starhawk, massive vehicle-based battles in which players can build defensive structures, is no doubt the biggest appeal of the game. A separate, bargain price package of just this multiplayer should sell well. However, LightBox Interactive put so much effort into creating a single-player story mode (something that predecessor Warhawk lacked) so it's sad to see it get chopped off and discarded. It would be nice if Sony sold the single-player separately as well.

The listing for the Multiplayer Edition says it will arrive on September 26th.

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