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Capcom has revealed the Collector's Edition for fighting game Street Fighter 5 today. The special bundle will be valued by fans of Ryu.

The $100 Collector's Edition comes with a statue of Ryu. The 10-inch statue replicates his crossed-fists pose from SF5's cover. Here's what else comes with the bundle:
  • Blu-ray copy of PS4 version
  • 48p hardcover artbook -" Jam-packed with design sketches and other behind-the-scenes materials that shed light behind the development process of the game."
  • Udon Digital Street Fighter Comics - "A collection of some of Udon’s finest work with the Street Fighter comic series."
  • SFV Soundtrack Sampler - "Curated selection of some of the best tunes from the game."
  • Twitch One-Month Subscription to Capcom Fighters channel - "Grants exclusive access to special Street Fighter chat emoticons, as well as video archive access."
  • Access to the multiplayer beta for SF5
The Capcom Unity blog notes that the Twitch subscription is also included with standard copies of the game.

Street Fighter 5 isn't available for pre-order just yet. However, Capcom did reveal today that major retailers will offer exclusive Battle Costume costumes to attract your business. Battle Costume Ryu, offered by GameStop, is a shjrtless and beardy version of the famed fighter. Cammy's costume, available through Best Buy, makes her look like she's about to go snowboarding. As usual, though, she neglected to bring pants. M. Bison (Amazon) and Chun Li (PlayStation Store) receive a black-and-gold military uniform and dress, respectively.

Capcom notes that these bonus costumes are available to both past and future pre-orders. In other words, if you already reserved the game, you won't miss out on these extras.

There's no word on whether these outfits will only be available through pre-orders. Capcom has said that they're going to release a lot of content for Street Fighter 5 after its launch that players can purchase or earn through gameplay.

Street Fighter 5 will launch in March on PS4 and PC. PC and PS4 owners will be able to compete against each other online. The fighting game will have a revamped battle system and a starting roster of 16 fighters. Returning veterans like Ken, Vega and R. Mika will be joined by four new additions.

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