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Capcom has rolled out their plans for the Street Fighter V beta for both the PC and the PS4. For PC gamers the beta will get underway starting this fall. As previously reported, for PS4 gamers the beta starts much sooner but you'll have to pre-order the game to get in.

Over on the official Capcom Unity blog Combofiend explains that the beta will commence for PC users later this year, but details aren't available right now...
The first Beta is exclusive to PlayStation 4, so the below instructions only apply to this initial test. The first PC Beta test will start this fall, and we will post up further details on the PC Beta at a later date.

The first beta test for the PS4 will get underway July 23rd next month.

Unfortunately the only way to guarantee access to the beta is by pre-ordering the game. So if you want to play-test Street Fighter V you will have to commit to a purchase beforehand.

In North America only GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy and the official PSN store will grant eligibility into the Street Fighter V beta program. Keys will be sent out on July 20th and you can redeem and download the beta client from July 20th onward.

In Latin America you can only gain access to the beta by pre-ordering through the PlayStation Network. There are no retailer specific campaigns to join the beta for Street Fighter V. The code redemption date is the same as in North America – July 20th.

For Europe and other EMEA regions you'll need to sign up through the special European PSN link. However, you won't be guaranteed beta access and only select gamers from designated regions will be allowed beta participation.

For Asia you'll have to download a ticket between July 9th and July 14th in various Southeast Asian territories and select users will receive a key on July 21st. For Japan you'll have to access the PlayStation store and download a beta ticket as well between July 8th and July 13th. Once again, selected users will receive their codes starting July 21st.

Street Fighter V is the latest game in the series and takes a lot of visual liberties in challenging how gamers have previously viewed the series. Capcom has also included more interactive stage elements and even faster gameplay than before.

One of the really big new changes is in the game's exclusivity to PS4 and PC. It really took many gamers by surprise that Capcom would land that kind of deal with Sony but now it means that whenever Street Fighter V will tour around in the FGC scene, they're going to have to use PS4 units as opposed to relying on Xbox 360 and Xbox One units. That's a huge boon for Sony when it comes to selling hardware to the dedicated fighting community.

You can look for the game to launch on PC and PS4 next year in March. And be sure to keep an eye out for details on the beta test for PC this fall.
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