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Oh man, remember how we reported that Capcom's higher-ups weren't all that pleased with the game's 1.4 million sales? Well, they were hoping for a breezy 2 million or more SKU sell-through but that didn't happen. The reason they feel the game didn't meet its potential was...wait for it...there were too many other fighting games on the market. Wait...what?

Siliconera reports that in an investor meeting Capcom's execs have mentioned that...
"Sales of Street Fighter X Tekken have fallen short of our plan,"..."We believe one of causes is cannibalism because of the large number of other games in this genre that were launched within a short time."

Oh yeah of course, because there was um....and yeah there was that other game by um...no wait, they're right, there was a flood of fighting games from that other company, uhhhh....hmmm....oh, there was SkullGirls which came out the week before April ended and managed to move 50,000 digital copies. Yeah, that 50k really stopped Street Fighter X Tekken dead in its tracks from achieving that 2 million mark back in March.

There was also Ninja Gaiden 3 which could have been a culprit, but that wasn't released until the end of March, and there was also Armored Core 5 but that's like a robot shooting game and not really a fighting game. I don't know, the excuse that too many fighting games were the reason that Street Fighter X Tekken didn't sell quite as well as they'd hoped is about as stupid as a guy wearing a cardboard sign that reads "Women belong in kitchens" at a pro-feminist rally.

Perhaps, the obvious reason why Street Fighter X Tekken didn't meet internal expectations was because it was riddled with disc-locked content...content that also falsely advertised features and were dumped into a game where some core features were shipped broken. Heck, the game is still broken for the PC as it launched right out of the digital box at the $49.99 price mark with all the exact same bugs and glitches as its console port.

It's unbelievably irresponsible that the execs could be so oblivious to what happened to this game. Did the shills try to hide all the negative press by just not reporting to their marketing overlords at Capcom? Do they bother to not even read headlines on Google, Yahoo! or Bing regarding even the most common of Street Fighter X Tekken news?

Then again...let's consider that this is an execs explanation of the poor sales of Street Fighter X Tekken to investors. And let's recap: Investors don't play video games. Investors don't give a flying rat's anus about video games, they don't read the news and they don't follow trends. So a Capcom exec lying and saying there was stiff competition because the genre was cannibalizing itself with over-saturation is a bold-faced lie, but a good attempt at assuaging investors and by-stepping the real issue at hand: gamers who found out about the disc-locked content did not buy the game.

Since the execs aren't happy and investors are pissed, I think this is something we could chalk up as a legitimate win, even though originally it seemed like the sell-through of 1.4 million units looked more like a loss. Breaking their sales estimates definitely means there were enough gamers who spoke with their wallets to make a small dent...yet a dent that nonetheless influenced the bottom line. And let's not forget, in the eyes of a corporate entity like Capcom, the bottom line is all that matters.

This also follows up on Capcom's SVP and his comments about the company revisiting their outlook on disc-locked content, which is somewhat positive, as it means that we could be seeing Capcom adhere to honest business tactics and possibly no longer foregoing consumer rights in place of legally nickel and diming fans.

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