Who says video games are too violent these days? As a counterargument, I offer up SunFlowers for the PlayStation Vita. No guns. No blood. No terrorist threat. You play as the sun and your only job is to help a bunch of flowers grow. Take THAT, Call of Duty.

In SunFlowers your goal is to hit normal clouds with rays of sunshine as they pass over your blooming garden. Doing so will cause rain to fall, which will cause a flower to grow or drop seeds to create new flowers. Hitting a flower directly with your sunshine will cause it to burn, so you’ll need to get some water on it with a quickness if you don’t want to see it disappear. Rainclouds will also be in the mix, which drop a lightning bolt on your flowers if you accidentally hit one of them with your warming rays of sunshiney goodness.

Depending on the season, additional gameplay mechanics will come into play, such as leaves in fall that need to be removed from your flowerbed by shaking the Vita. There are 330 flowers in total to discover, as well as a variety of leaderboards and difficulty modes. You can also share flowers from your personal garden with your friends via Near.

The Game Atelier lead designer Dr. Lakav shared loads of details on this upcoming Vita title via the PlayStation blog, including an expected release date of sometime this fall. According to Lakav, SunFlowers was already in development before the Vita was announced and, even in its early stages, was being designed with a vertical screen. Once they got their hands on the Vita, they decided that turning the console sideways would allow them to keep their original ratio, and so picked the Sony handheld as their launch platform.

There are loads of puzzle games out there, so it’s nice to see one that 1)Offers unique mechanics and 2)Doesn’t involve breaking bricks. In a gaming landscape overrun with hyper-realism and billions of bullets, this overly cute trip to the land of botany might actually prove to be a challenging breath of fresh air.

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