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Oftentimes the pre-order bonuses for most games include useless things like artbooks, posters or maybe a soundtrack. However, the pre-order bonus for Super Scribblenauts takes things a step further than the average pre-order bonus by including a very snuggly pair of headphones.

As stated in the press alert about the new premium bonus item…
Now, consumers who pre-order Super Scribblenauts at GameStop will be eligible to receive their very own set of Maxwell’s headphones when they pick up their copy of the game at launch, so they can play the DS title in style

The headphones are in limited supply but come in three different colors, including: camouflage, polka-dot and grey. Gamers will have a short amount of time to pre-order a copy of the word-adventure game that actually turns spelling and English into a fun activity, and receive a pair of the Maxwell headphones.

You’ll have to head on over to GameStop to secure yourself a copy. Super Scribblenauts is due out on October 12th, exclusively for the Nintendo DS.